Refund and Cancelation Policy

This Policy applies to all payments for courses, memberships and services.

Courses, Membership Subscriptions & Services

Breaking Curses 101 is an online deliverance ministry and school, we are producing and selling courses that teach people to be delivered. We are also affiliated with services like Lulu who all have their own return policies for you. 

a. All subscriptions and purchases already paid are not refundable after 48 Hours.

b. Prices of the digital products are calculated and may be charged in the currency depending on the region you’re currently residing. However, we have currently set up our fees in USD. As of the moment, we don’t use crypto-currencies, but if we will use them, the same policy applies to them as well. 

c. To the extent permitted by the applicable law, all payments for the One-on-one Sessions, Membership and Group Meetings are non-refundable, unless otherwise agreed with the person in writing. Free previews exist on some courses allowing potential customers to get an inside peek view into our school before purchasing.

d. Price for courses offered via our School may change at any time and does not provide price protection or refunds in the instance of a price reduction or promotional offering.

After 48 Hours, We will not credit, refund, prorate return, prorate charge, or credit any canceled subscription due to a partial or full membership period or unused Breaking Curses 101 content.

e. The services offered in our school can’t be canceled as the courses or bundles will be either delivered immediately after payment. We do not reimburse our courses but in case of not receiving them, our customer service resends them upon proof of purchase. Should there be technical problems or delays, we replace the product or refund the paid price; at our choice.

f. Whenever a customer decides to cancel any membership subscription, the paid membership can be used until the end of the billing cycle. After that, you can no longer access the courses included in your subscription.

g. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to offer refunds, rebates, or other considerations from time to time under certain circumstances. Please note that every situation is different and a decision to make such an offer in one instance does not obligate us to do so in another.

h. Customers can cancel their subscriptions at any time. They are also allowed to delete their account entirely. Here are some guidelines for Subscription Cancelation:

To CANCEL your subscription, you can click on your name or picture in the top right of your Thinkific site header and select My Account. Click the Billing tab. Go to the subscriptions Section and Click Cancel. You can also send us an email at [email protected].